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I thought Divergent was great but it let me down when they didn't include some parts I, personally, thought were important. Like when Edward got stabbed in the eye,how they didn't include zeke,uriah,lynne ect. Among others. What did you think?

Yeah I completely agree! I enjoyed it but because I loved the book so much it could never have been as good. It pissed me off the whole physical part of the initiation because I was so psyched to see her fucking own Molly but NOPE. I can understand trying to fit a whole book into a film is difficult but I just kept seeing things that weren’t how they were meant to be in the book and other stuff substituted for them instead. Still, i’m glad I went the actors were great and I loved seeing the dauntless compound :) 

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Enough to make my systems blow

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Divergent characters

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I understand now what Tori said about her tattoo representing a fear she overcame—a reminder of where she was, as well as a reminder of where she is now.

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Divergent + Characters’ last words  insp { x }

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A summary of Insurgent

Tobias: TRIS NO
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Can I be forgiven for all I’ve done to get here?
I want to be.
I can.
I believe it.

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